Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes – Dietician

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Sugar doesn't cause diabetes - Dietician
A dietician with Accra based Trust Hospital and Clinics has expressed the admission of sugar isn’t the reason for diabetes however because of a disappointment in the body framework.

As indicated by Wise Letsa it is the powerlessness of the body framework in handling and spending the finished result of energy given food sources we take in that adds up to diabetes.

“The truth of the matter is that not the simple admission of sugar will give you diabetes. However at that point when you are diabetic, in light of the fact that the body can’t ingest or take up the sugar, assuming you eat a table a table sugar, your blood level can rise.

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“So regardless of where the sugar is coming from, whether as a breakdown result of the food you eat or from the organic product or from the table, that ought not be the reason for diabetes,” he told Nortey Duah on Joy FM’s Ultimate Health, Sunday.

“We know that a lot of sugar can make you store the abundance of fat and that can in a roundabout way lead to glucose narrow mindedness and diabetes,” he added.

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“everything unquestionably revolves around working the right extents and furthermore regarding eating them with a few roughage and fiber.

much more training should be done on the circumstance so that individuals get to realize that sugar is a substance part however at that point that is the name we provide for the one we put in food… however at that point the truth of the matter is that, when we eat out kenkey, our fufu what not, they are separated to become sugar that is what the body really utilizes through different cycles to stimulate itself. He closed.

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