Ukraine War has strengthened the effort of the reaction of EU-`response as theory of conspiracy.

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Ukraine War has strengthened the effort of the reaction of EU-`response as theory of conspiracy.
Ukraine War has strengthened the effort of the reaction of EU-`response as theory of conspiracy.



Since the start of Russian Ukrainian aggression, Internet Troles increased their activities and spread the implanted story and promotional propaganda. However, western media is not completely innocent.
The reason why Russia invades the Ukraine is secretly produced by Moscow’s Chernobyl’s nuclear bomb, Chernobyl’s nuclear bomb, and its closed in 1986.
If you choose to believe in the economic era of economic era of the Russian Economic Economic Economic Power Station, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Management In order to build nuclear weapons from Ukraine in Ukraine Processes supporting the process may be complex and may be provided by Plutonium 239. “According to the
report, Ukraine is” it makes it possible to support 810 nuclear bombs with 810 nuclear bombs “. Specific foreign power.
Custom shot was not a term, but the standard was not surprised. According to the Era of Israel, according to the age of Israel, other strange stories stated that Chechen Assicin’s group was sent to the Chechen Assycin’s group to kill the president of Ukraine rice field.
Danilov Chechen Property Information suggests that a great division in the Russian battle is the fact that
can not check for independent observers. Independent observer. Today’s Russian
Meanwhile, Russia Television Bureau Russia (RT) is called “special military operation” of Ukrainian Ukrainian aggression, and how to protect the incorrect protected attack area from Ukrainian attacks in the territory I focus on. As actually, it is drawn by Promoskow Rebels.
Australian-based conversation states directly with Russian national interest and in the case of Ukraine war, for RT, “claims of Kremlin’s claims”

and reports of European unions and spatunic news that is sufficient enough to be banned.
March 1, Google announced that he has blocked YouTube channels that he has been connected to RT and spacing across Europe.
“This is based on our indefinite break of Russian State Media on our platform. Google’s global problem is not allowed.

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The European Union could also prohibit two trial channels, and stated that Russia’s Propaganda War is strengthened.
EU-VS INSINFORMS website operated by EU action service for EU-enabled services (EU Action Service (EAES, EAES,) focuses on forgery news from Russia. European’s board of directors Need to challenge the continuous dispatch campaign of Russia ”
” Guide to decrypt ProcRemlin DesiManifferMent around Putin War on Wednesday “. 1.
website. Use what calls the “swim” model formed by the Catch Flax initials.
But the western media creates a headline that may be interpreted as “incorrect messages” if not tested Did. On March 1, Zurig based Swiss Radio and TV (SRF) reported the latency of Nord Stream II pipeline. The
information was later withdrawn by various Western media and news agencies, but the rebuke published on the Nord Stream II AG website confirmed that the article was incorrect.
“The company simply notified the local government that the company must terminate contracts with its employees following the recent geopolitical developments that led to imposing US sanctions on the company,” Webb. The site patiently stated.
The question remains: Is the ban on RT and Sputnik effective or wise?
Apart from depriving observers of the opportunity to scrutinize how Moscow’s propaganda machines work, The Conversation said, “RT’s war coverage is biased towards Russia and is clearly misleading.” Viewers said it was “relatively few.” After Germany banned RT’s German broadcast on February 4, it paves the way for further Tit for Tat measures by Moscow, including banning Deutsche Welle’s broadcast in Russia.

Gist:  The Russian army has claimed victory in the Ukrainian coastal city of Kherson.

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