Macron responds ‘without weakness’ to Russia’s ‘act of war’

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Macron responds 'without weakness' to Russia's 'act of war'
Macron responds ‘without weakness’ to Russia’s ‘act of war’

Macron responds ‘without weakness’ to Russia’s ‘act of war’

People from france President Emmanuel Macron has issued a stark warning to Russia of an uncompromising reaction to its overnight assaults on Ukraine, effectively ending weeks of shuttle diplomacy to avoid war.

Talking this Wednesday, Chief executive Macron described the latest escalation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a level in Western history.

In his televised address, the French head of state said: “We will respond without weakness to this act of battle, with calm, dedication and unity. inch

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He added that the poker site seizures were a “turning point in the history of Europe and our country” that would have “deep and lasting consequences for our lives”.

This particular comes as choices are expected to be taken at meetings of the G7, EU and NATO in the approaching hours.

Macron added that the sanctions agreed against Russia would be commensurate to the scale of the aggression Moscow experienced launched against Ukraine.

“In the army, financial and energy domains we are without weakness, inch he said.
Wishes for diplomatic solution have expired
Macron has repeatedly voiced to President Vladimir Putin seeking a diplomatic solution to the standoff but to no avail.

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After frenetic phone talks over the weekend, Macron has not spoken to the Russian leader since Putin recognised two Ukrainian breakaway areas as independent on Monday.

French chief executive had notably unsuccessfully tried to agent a summit between Putin and ALL OF US President Joe Joe biden.

Macron also underlined that the “massive” Russian attack on Ukraine was “contrary to all the commitments made by the Russian government bodies

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“By returning on his word and refusing the diplomatic path and choosing war, President Putin not only chose to attack Ukraine, they decided to defile the complete sovereignty of Ukraine

“He made a decision to inflict the most considerable destruction on peace and stability in The european countries for decades, inches Macron concluded, requiring that France and its particular partners had “done everything” to try and avert the crisis.

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